Atom Factory: A new band spearheaded by Matthew Lee featuring the talents of Tim Burlingame & Kathrin Shorr of Sweet Talk Radio, Bob Lizik and Scott Greiner. Recorded in Los Angeles, Chicago, Fort Collins and Oakland. Brought together on the debut self-titled EP now available at ITunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Amazon, Verizon V-Cast and CD Baby:


"Atom Factory has me by the 'nads and they won't let go. I'm on my tenth straight listen to New Sunshine, see no end in sight and it's a gas."

Frank O. Gutch Jr., Rock and Reprise


"Atom Factory is one of those newly discovered groups that that I find completely addictive, and I am neither willing nor able to resist sharing it with you... the songs are magical and intimate... the sound is rich, atmospheric, beautifully sculpted ambient-pop."

Nacho Valenciaga, La Musica Que No Sono En Los 40 Principales